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What Does Couples Counseling Solve?

Roughly 50% percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. While some couples may rightfully need to part ways for their own personal health, many marriages could be salvaged with the help of a licensed therapist. Couples often marry with the hopes of staying married and living happily ever after. With a good foundation and a positive start to your marriage, finding your way back to one another can be achieved through couples’ therapy. This is much better than the alternative as divorce takes a lot more time, money, and can be a complete headache. This is especially true when children and assets are involved, which is often the case. Before you consider making any final moves when it comes to your relationship, consider couples therapy. You way wonder, what does couples counseling solve? If this rings true for you, you are in the right place.

What Does Couples Counseling Solve?

While you therapist cannot solve all of your problems, they are equipped with wisdom and knowledge related to human behavior and the complex nature of personal relationships. This help can provide you and your partner with the necessary tools to repair your relationship in a long-lasting way.

Patience and Time:

One of the major benefits of therapy is that over time it can truly work. But only if both you and your partner work together. This means working together on your relationship. In addition to working on your own individual struggles that impact your marital relationship. It likely took a long time for you and your partner to get into the situation you are in with your marriage, so it’s important to have patience during the couples counseling process. While the amount of time necessary to work on a marriage varies, many couples spend roughly six months in therapy. Knowing that just one or two sessions will not fix your current marital problems is vital going into the process.

Unlearning and Learning:

Couples usually get into cycles due to the nature of human behavior and relationships. While all couples are different, there is usually one person who wants to solve the problems right away while the other one wants to take time apart and cool off. Neither is wrong or right. They are just two different approaches to the same problem. This “pursuer” and “withdrawer” combination can create a cycle when it comes to arguments. Breaking this cycle is vital and a therapist can help you and your partner map out this pattern and learn how to break the cycle.

Change and Preparation:

One of the major aspects of therapy that people miss is that it is helpful even when you and your partner are in a good place. In fact, it’s best not to wait until you are about to file for divorce to make an appointment. Marriage therapy in Walnut Creek can have a variety of benefits for couples who are doing well. Major life changes, external family issues, and even issues with your children can all be great reasons to head into couples’ therapy.

A therapist can help you both work through problems or upcoming life changes that you may need guidance on. For example, couples preparing to have a child can get advice on how to be supportive and problem solve with one another once the baby arrives. Alternatively, couples who have difficult in-laws can create a game plan for how to navigate external relationships without it impacting their marital relationship. Therapy is not just something couples on the brink of divorce need as most marriages can benefit from the process.

Couple’s Therapy in Walnut Creek

If you and your partner are considering couple’s therapy, contacting a mental health professional is a great start. Caree Brown is an experienced therapist who has years of experience working with couples on their relationship. Contact Caree Brown for couple’s therapy in Walnut Creek so you and your partner can get back on track.