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The Challenge of Monogamy

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Relationships can provide some of the most rewarding experiences of our life. But nowadays, as use of technology increases so too does isolation and jealousy. While functioning monogamy is completely healthy for most people, it may not be the only right answer. Below we dive into why monogamy is such an increasing challenge and how … Read more

Striving for Normalcy in a Hot and Cold Relationship

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The, “I hate you; don’t leave me,” relationship is well documented in books and movies. The 2014 French film Love Me If You Dare is a great example. In the film, Julien and Sophie take a childhood game of truth or dare to its revengeful extremes. Each feels so passionate about the other that they … Read more

Is Depression Genetic?

depressed person sitting down. Is depression genetic?

For generations, people have wondered what factors pave the path of our journey through life. What many psychologists have researched is the idea of nature versus nurture. In other words, are personality traits and mental illnesses a product of our environment (nurture) or something we are inherently born with (nature)? More recently, experts have been … Read more

Most Common Parenting Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Mom disciplining her child.

Parenting is arguably one of the hardest jobs there is. From all-nighters when they are newborns to wishing for more time on high school graduation day, parenting is a roller coaster that is full of joys and challenges. The challenges may create a feeling of isolation, but you are not alone. Below are some of … Read more

7 Ways To Build Trust In Your Relationship

Hands with puzzle pieces to build trust in relationships

There’s an old saying that trust is hard to build but extremely easy to break. The many steps you have taken to build trust in relationships can easily be broken in a moment. Without this trust, a relationship cannot become more intimate. Like a plant needs continual water to grow, a relationship needs much attention … Read more

Using Metaphors in Therapy

Using metaphors in therapy opens paths that are otherwise locked behind the concrete world.

Therapists use metaphors to help their clients understand mental health concepts, process their personal problems, and assist in therapeutic change. Metaphors can be used intentionally to assist in the entire therapeutic journey. A metaphor is a figure of speech that involves naming or describing something through its similarity to something else. They can help clients … Read more