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Psychotherapist Caree Brown Yelp Reviews

5.0 Star Rating 2/23/2014

“Caree is an amazing individual! She offers real strategies for any situation you are dealing with. She is so very thoughtful and cares deeply for her patients, and that is something you feel every meeting. I have seen her for one-on-one and for couples sessions, and I can not stress enough how much she has helped me and my relationship in a short amount of time! She creates a warm, inviting, comfortable, and safe environment. After every session, I leave with strategies to use and also things to think about for next time., and feeling confident and validated. I very highly recommend Caree!!!” Kim C. (Walnut Creek)

5.0 Star Rating 12/30/2013

“Caree Brown is one of the most unique and insightful analysts and/our therapists one can find. I have had the misfortune through my life to have obtained the services of several therapists over many years. Caree stands head and shoulders above all others. Her compassion for her clients is genuine. That is obvious from the moment you enter her comfortable home-like office. I have seen Caree off and on for at least 15 years and she has also been involved in treating some of my family members. I have recommended her to friends and/or acquaintances and in some cases paid for those in need. That is how much I believe in Caree’s ability to help those searching for a kind shoulder to lean on, that also happens to have the extensive education and experience to provide those answers; to guide those reaching out to come out of the shadows and into the light . . . because the water’s warm.” Michael M. (Los Altos)

5.0 Star Rating 12/19/2013

“Caree Brown is amazing! I wasn’t to sure about counseling. But with Caree’s incredibly soft style. Her insight,and great wisdom. She helped me though a very, very tough time. I feel like I will have a connection to Caree for a very long time. And continue to see her as often as I can. She is the Real Deal!” Craig J. (Concord)

5.0 Star Rating 2/20/2014

“Caree Brown is a wonderful therapist. When we started seeing her, my boyfriend and I had hit rock bottom, we knew we loved each other, but we were in a bad place and had separated at the time. After 6 months of some intensive work with her, our relationship grew in a way that we couldn’t have made happen on our own. We are now engaged and planning to get married in a couple months, and are in the best place we have ever been. We still have our communication rules that we got from Caree hanging on our fridge, and we do our best to abide by them.” Valerie L. (Walnut Creek)

5.0 star rating 1/20/2014:

“Caree Brown has been an amazing therapist. She has been the most insightful and brilliant therapist compared to the other two that my husband and I have seen! Love her.”Sylvia E. (New York)

5.0 star rating 2/23/2014:

“I have been going to Caree for the past month. From our very first meeting, she took me in with an open mind and an open heart. I have seen many therapists in my adult life and she, by far, surpasses them all. She is not only intelligent, but you can clearly feel and see how much she loves what she does. She makes you feel extremely comfortable and let’s you speak your mind without passing judgement and offers solutions to solving daily obstacles, insecurities, and sadness. I would highly recommend Caree to everybody, just to have someone to talk to. After every session I feel that much better about myself and the direction my life is headed.” Sean K. (Walnut Creek)

5.0 star rating 2/19/2014:

“Caree Brown is an amazing therapist who has helped my relationship with my fiancé improve ten fold. She provided us with communication strategies that we still use to this day and it has helped us tremendously! I can’t thank her enough!” Sean T. (Walnut Creek)

5.0 star rating 2/8/2014:

“Caree has helped my family and I on numerous occasions. She is understanding, impartial, and always has methods of dealing with life’s trials. You will definitely find relief from whatever is troubling you. Don’t worry, she will find a solution for you.” Michael F. (San Rafael)

5.0 star rating 1/2/2014

“I highly recommend Caree Brown for individual and marriage counseling. She is warm, wise, deeply spiritual, and always supportive. She brings amazing experience and knowledge to every session. She has helped me to identify and understand both individual and marital challenges, in a way that is loving and constructive to all parties. She always has a book, quote, or idea that inspires and soothes. She was recommended to me by a friend, and now I recommend her to mine!” Laurie P. (Lafayette)