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Reviews about Caree Brown L.C.S.W. Psychotherapy, Walnut Creek

“Caree has done more for our marriage than we ever thought possible . . . and in only two sessions! We are able to work through our conflicts with ease and success and our relationship feels indestructible. We cannot recommend her highly enough.” Janet K. (Orinda)


“After seeing three other marriage counselors, Caree has been the only one that has really “gotten” my husband and I. She is amazing! She is truly magical in her effectiveness. My husband and I are closer than ever.” Robert M. (Lafayette)


“Gifted, kind and inspiring! Caree is a genuine and dedicated healer – head and shoulders above many others I have seen for both my personal and relationship issues. I feel blessed to have found her!” David D. ( Walnut Creek)


“My children and I suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, and bereavement following the sudden and unexpected death of my husband and their father. We all received professional counseling from Caree Brown, individually and together as a family. She was instrumental in our recovery. Her empathy, knowledgeable and sage advice are her strengths. She is excellent and a true professional. I strongly recommend her.” Winnie C. (Alamo)


“I always feel like I am with a wise and trusted FRIEND. The only thing bigger than Caree’s WISDOM . . . .  is her HEART!” Walt L. (Alamo)


“Even after we filed for divorce, my friend urged me to get in to see Caree. Not only did she help my wife and I to reconcile, but we are still going strong three years later and more in love than ever before!” Janet H. (Walnut Creek)


“As a couple with a “blended family”, it’s very reassuring to know that when we get stuck in an old habit, Caree is there to help. Her passionate, yet patient, expertise has taught us how to dissolve our most difficult challenges and her solutions continue to resonate long after the session. As a therapist, Caree Brown has exceptional experience, skills, education, and integrity. We never hesitate to recommend her to associates, friends and family.” Michael F. (San Rafael)


“As a man, in marriage counseling with my wife, Caree’s insight and expertise has allowed me to feel safe enough to open up and express myself honestly without feeling judged. She has given me the tools I need to communicate more effectively at home. This has made things a lot better in my marriage.” Tom B. (Danville)


“Caree Brown was my first experience with a therapist and it has been life- changing. She is warm, funny, supportive and deeply spiritual. As soon as I met her, I felt her unwavering compassion and positive encouragement. She displays genuine commitment and caring, which was way beyond my expectations. I have grown as a person, and learned to deal with difficult family problems, through my consultations with her.” LaurieP. (Lafayette)


“After helping our daughter find the confidence to finish her degree, Caree helped me learn how to really like myself, as a father, as a husband, and as a human being.” John D. (Concord)


“Caree has changed the way I look at my life. She has helped me through some of my most difficult periods and given me the skills to find true happiness from within myself. I have also learned to communicate more directly my needs, instead of putting others before myself.” Laurie P. (Lafayette)


“Over the course of the last ten years, Caree Brown has been a reliable confidant and teacher. I trust her wisdom and guidance as I navigate some of life’s most important and, sometimes, painful lessons. She guides me on my journeys. There have been times I sat across from Caree . . . mad, depressed, exhausted and anxious. She took the time to understand why I felt those feelings and reassured me that all humans have the same emotions. She never once encouraged me to take a pill to make a feeling go away.” Leslie G. (Oakland)


“Caree has helped me gain the strength and insight I have needed to be more joyful and successful in all aspects of my life. Caree has guided my treatment with compassion and expertise giving me the confidence to face life’s challenges-and savor life’s pleasures.” Lori D. (Piedmont)


“Every time my husband and I leave Caree’s office, we literally feel hooked up again. Caree gives us the wisdom to understand each other.” Trisha D. (Oakland)