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Strategies to Cope with Family Stress

concept of strategies to cope with family stress

Nobody gets to choose the family they are born into. Life brings about many unexpected events, situations, and circumstances that bring out both the best and the worst in everyone. Dealing with certain family members day in and day out can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to feel hopeless. Stress is a natural part … Read more

Top Benefits of Family Therapy

concept of top benefits of family therapy

Every family has its own set of challenges and obstacles that they must overcome together. One of the best ways to work through any issue as a team is to engage in family therapy, which offers a safe and judgment-free space for everyone to express themselves freely. By trying out family or couples therapy, you … Read more

5 Long-Term Benefits of Therapy

concept image of long-term benefits of therapy

Whether or not you have gone to therapy before, you are likely faced with many conflicting thoughts about the matter. Some people have been seeing a therapist regularly for many years, and talking to an expert has helped them form management skills and coping techniques for unhelpful behaviors or thoughts. Others feel that they don’t … Read more

Experiencing Depression After COVID? You Are Not Alone

concept image of depression after covid

Life can be overwhelming due to the natural issues that come up in your day-to-day life. This can end up exacerbated by outside factors, such as the global pandemic that began in early 2020. In fact, there was a 25% increase in anxiety and depression during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you … Read more

Common Marital Problems After a Baby

Married couple with a baby

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing experiences for a couple. It comes with so much joy, but can also lead to marital issues due to the pressures that come with having a newborn. Below you will find the most common marital problems after having a baby, and what you can do to … Read more

How Anxiety Can Hurt Relationships

Concept showing a couple that have anxiety which can hurt relationships

Anxiety is a complex monster that rears its ugly head in a myriad of different ways. Physical, mental, and emotional health struggles can be present when dealing with a constantly worrying mind. For a lot of our clients seeking anxiety counseling, they often wonder how anxiety can hurt relationships or possibly even end them. How … Read more

Supporting Your Partner Having Therapy

Man supporting his partner having therapy.

Relationships are complex even in the best of circumstances. When one or more of the involved parties are struggling with their mental health, it is easy for the relationship to become strained. Therefore, if your partner has made the decision to seek help through therapy, then they are making a conscientious decision to improve themselves … Read more