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Balancing Time Within Your Relationship

With the ever-present stress of balancing work, family, and kids, it can be easy for the relationship with your significant other to take the back seat in your life. However, with the divorce rates in the United States consistently staying at 50 percent each year, it is important to put your relationship in the driver’s seat of your life and keep it there.

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Be Present in the Moments You Do Have

Balancing long hours, time with family, and extracurricular activities can leave you exhausted, tired, and ready to just relax. All too often, those times of relaxation are spent watching T.V. or scrolling through social media. Aside from recent studies suggesting the negative effects of social media on a relationship, like jealousy, the time spent on social media is valuable time you are missing to connect and bond with one another. Even involving your partner in your relaxation rituals is effective for both of you to feel connected. To avoid falling into the slippery slope of leading parallel lives, make sure to be present in the moments that you do have with each other.

Check-in Throughout the Day

With advanced technology available at our fingertips, so is the ability to connect with one another. Whether it is a quick text letting your significant other know you are thinking of them or a phone call to say hello, never underestimate the power of connecting throughout the day. Plus, if you are wanting to go above and beyond, a surprise delivery or spontaneous lunch date is sure to make your significant other feel special and important. Do not overlook the power of trivial things; quick moments and connections will still help build your relationship. It does not take much to make your partner feel loved, so there is no excuse not to.

Plan Designated Date Nights

Often, couples reminisce about the “good old days” of long walks on the beach, the late nights staying up talking, and all the passion that comes with new relationships. Flash forward a few years and all those one-on-one dates have been replaced with the new priorities that have come into your life. But why not bring some of that initial spark from the old days back into your relationship by taking a walk down memory lane and setting aside a designated date night with your significant other to keep the connection strong? By planning, you can have time set aside for just the two of you to keep the spark alive. You do not need to be spontaneous to be romantic; giving up a sizeable chunk of your time to solely be with your partner during a busy schedule can be just as romantic.

Make Your Physical Intimacy A Priority

Aside from increased trust, boosted immune system, and reduced stress, a strong physical relationship with your significant other is one of the most intimate expressions of love. In fact, it is even believed that a relationship that lacks sexual chemistry and physical affection is likely to fail. With your physical relationship with your partner accounting for a large part of the success of your connection with each other, it is extremely important for it to be a priority.

Marriage Counseling

Your relationship is worth more than the strains of everyday life. To connect with Caree Brown for marriage counseling, contact her today.

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