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Why is Therapy Healthy For Us?

As individuals, we all experience different behaviors and reactions that influence the way we feel. Whether we have been through a traumatic event or need help coping with large levels of stress, therapy is a treatment solution that can provide many social, mental, and psychological benefits.

But why, exactly? Why do so many people recommend and utilize therapy as a great way to help us learn valuable behavior modifications and coping mechanisms for the daily stresses of our lives?

Caree Brown, a licensed professional offering therapy, is eager to answer this question. Therapy is a healthy solution that can equip you with skills and resources to help you cope with a lifetime of events and feelings.

There are Many Social and Personal Benefits

Some of the most common benefits of utilizing therapy include:

  • Stronger relationship-building skills
  • The ability to cope with fear, anger, grief, and other strong emotions
  • Coping mechanisms and tools to help get yourself out of challenging situations in a positive or productive way
  • Coping mechanisms for getting over past events and healing old pains
  • Boosted self-confidence and self-image
  • Behavior modifications and better ways to react to things
  • Stronger puzzle solving abilities

Speaking with a professional can help you to put things into perspective while also learning how to cope with what you’re feeling here and now. If you find yourself confused, sad, depressed, angry, or in despair, try seeking therapy and learn how to find the power within yourself to heal from the past.

Different Types of Therapy for Different Needs

Another reason why therapy is so beneficial is because there are many different specific types of therapy that can help with your personal needs. Whether you need an adjustment in behavior or cognitive thinking, or you need help getting through a rough patch in your relationship, there are different ways of talking to therapists that can help you best achieve your goal.

Some of the most common types of therapy available includes:

  • CBT, also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is possibly the most common type of therapy that works to help you develop positive and productive mindsets about your life and challenges. It promotes healthy actions and thoughts instead of negative, destructive mentalities.
  • Family therapy is an important type of therapy for couples or family members who are struggling to communicate or see eye to eye on an important issue.
  • Psychoeducation is a type of therapy that teaches those with different mental health disorders and conditions to understand their own mind, so they can recover in healthy ways.
  • Solution-Focused Therapy is a goal-directed collaborative approach which focuses on what clients want to achieve, either mentally or behaviorally.  It explores the past only to the extent that it connects to the present.
  • Psychoanalytic Therapy is a form of in-depth talk therapy that aims to bring unconscious or deeply buried thoughts and feelings to the conscious level so that repressed feelings and beliefs can be brought to the surface and examined.