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Keeping It Simple

At this time of year, what if we could come up with only one resolution that would take us significantly closer to all our goals, assure us a higher level of self-esteem and ultimately come closer to true happiness and fulfillment by the same time next year?

While we cannot always control the actual outcome of our choices, it is nevertheless the nature of our choices that create the vast majority of the situations in our life, as well as how we feel about ourselves at the deepest level. Therefore, what if we could focus on making all our choices SELF-EMPOWERING ones? Not just the big ones like career changes or marriage, but even those little daily ones, like what we eat for breakfast and what time we go to bed. They are the ones that leave us feeling energized and more in control of our efforts. They generally give us the sense of doing what is right in the situation and increase our self-respect and confidence. If we can become more conscious of the power of our choices, we will be harnessing the power of the present moment to propel us full speed in the direction of our goals.

It is so easy to go into denial about our habits of self-sabotage. When we come from our weakest selves instead of our highest, we deny ourselves our own love and the right to have what we most deeply desire. Instead of feeling strong, directed and confident, we create days of stress and dis-ease and can’t seem to figure out what we are doing wrong. We depend too much on others for our own sense of fulfillment and gratification. But it never really comes. Until we realize that we hold the key to unlock our dreams, we never end up using the power that we do have.

Each empowering choice shores us up to make the next one. As we start feeling stronger, our self-discipline gets easier and easier. It becomes less difficult to resist the kind of immediate gratification that plays havoc with our goals and dreams.

If we can wake up each morning looking for opportunities to make as many empowering choices as we can, then we will be able to feel the clarity of focus and the exhilaration that comes with living a life of integrity and purpose. We will be living a life that holds itself together by the sheer power of its congruency . . . and actively moving closer to our goals will become a natural outgrowth of the way we live.

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