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Is There a Recipe for Successful Fights in a Relationship?

Hits : 288,321 When you’re in a long-term relationship, you’re bound to hit some bumps in the road. Fighting is never a fun affair, but it is sometimes necessary to resolve an argument and work out a negotiation that ends up best for the parties involved. But you may find yourself stuck in an endless … Read more

Balancing Time Within Your Relationship

Hits : 288,365 With the ever-present stress of balancing work, family, and kids, it can be easy for the relationship with your significant other to take the back seat in your life. However, with the divorce rates in the United States consistently staying at 50 percent each year, it is important to put your relationship … Read more

Coping with Difficult Family Members

Hits : 287,951 Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family?” It’s true – family members come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes you’re left to deal with someone whose behavior doesn’t go well with your own. It might be impossible to avoid conflict or … Read more

Why it’s Sometimes Healthy to be Alone

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Hits : 288,495 In today’s modern world, we are rarely, if ever, alone. Even if we are not in a relationship, we are constantly surrounded by people, connected through technology, and accompanied by music, TV shows, movies, and podcasts. However, there is a multitude of reasons why sometimes it is healthy to be alone, and … Read more

Not Letting Your Past Define You

Hits : 288,225 Although every day is a chance to start over, it can be hard to feel that way when the past seems to be holding on. However, it is important to not let your past define you for another day. Although it can be easier said than done, there are some significant steps … Read more

Recognizing Defensive Tactics in a Relationship

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Hits : 288,295 When you have been one half of a relationship for a long period of time, you get to know your partner in a unique and intense way. Their habits and routines become a large part of your life, and it is natural to have disagreements in a long-term relationship. Disagreements can be … Read more

Knowing the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack

Hits : 288,443 You may be aware that these days, people are feeling more anxious than ever. Some blame this anxiety epidemic on overreliance on technology like smartphones and computers, which results in less face-to-face interaction with other humans. Whatever the cause, anxiety is a serious condition that features several common psychiatric disorders. But what … Read more