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Not Letting Your Past Define You

Although every day is a chance to start over, it can be hard to feel that way when the past seems to be holding on. However, it is important to not let your past define you for another day. Although it can be easier said than done, there are some significant steps you can take to realize that your past does not dictate your future. To speak with Caree Brown about therapy, contact her today. She has years of experience in both psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy and can help you take personalized steps to stop your past from defining you.

1. Decide That You Want it

The first step in not letting your past define you are making the conscious decision that this is what you are going to pursue. As counterintuitive as it may seem, many let the past define them because it is what they have always known. Even if they do not like how the past has shaped them or the scars that it has left, it has shaped the only identity they have known, and there is comfort in that. In order to break through, there is going to be a lot of work that needs to be done, and making the decision that you are going to pursue it regardless of the obstacles is the first step.

2. Recognize That it Will Never Go Away Completely

In the same vein as the first step, it is important to acknowledge that “setbacks” can occur since the past cannot be erased completely. Fortunately, with experts like Caree Brown, your therapy can address triggers, help develop coping skills and create a treatment plan to help not let the past define you.

3. Seek What is Holding You Back

As we mentioned in the first step, some have trouble letting go of their past because it defines their identity today, and the only identity that they know. However, that is not the only reason that people hold onto their past. It could be because of guilt, unresolved feelings, lack of closure, and just about anything in between. In order to leave the past behind and take the next step forward, it is important to take some time to explore what is stopping you from doing just that. For professional help with diagnosing what is holding you back, contact Caree Brown today. You deserve to move forward.

4. Get Professional Help

Although some people are extremely self-aware and in touch with their emotions, it can be beneficial to have the help of a professional guide you through the process. Especially if you have not taken the time to explore the root of the issue in the past, partnering with a professional can make a huge difference in how effectively, and quickly, it gets resolved. In order to discover what is holding you back from letting go of the past and letting it define you, contact Caree Brown today for your therapy.

Leaving your past behind is crucial to the happiness of your future. To avoid the past defining you any further, decide you want it, recognize it will never go away completely, seek what is holding you back, and get professional help. You deserve to put the effort into leaving the past behind, and the road to moving forward can begin immediately. To start your therapy with Caree Brown, contact her today here. With extensive experience, her professional guidance can help you move in a positive, forward motion today.