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Our Attitude Toward Aging

Hits : 288,191 As I get older, I am increasingly aware of the many indignities of aging. As they say, it is not for the faint of heart. The loss of bodily prowess, the onset of various physical complications, the loss of physical attractiveness, the challenges of retirement, and most annoyingly our attitude toward getting … Read more

Intention vs. Impact

Hits : 288,471 The sometimes huge gap between intention and impact is an unfortunate but very common miscommunication couples struggle with. In spite of one person’s positive intention to express his love and concern, the impact received may be quite negative. For example, a person may want to nurture his partner by encouraging her to … Read more

The Paradox of Intimacy

Hits : 288,403 “When we all play it safe, we create a world of utmost insecurity.”  (Dag Hammershold). Unless we are willing to risk the loss of a relationship, we cannot rightfully navigate within it.  If we are preoccupied with playing it safe, afraid to rock the boat, we lose the very juice that lubricates  … Read more

Don’t Let the Control Fool You

Hits : 288,210 Ever wonder if controlling people are as confident as the might have you think? The truth is that underneath their brittle armour of controlling behavior lies a huge reservoir of fear, likely stuffed from childhood. If we have parents who accept and empathize with our feelings and model constructive ways to express … Read more

The Benefits of Space in a Relationship

Hits : 287,830 Some couples seem joined at the hip, while others appear to live separate lives. Which is better? While each scenario has its advantages, the benefits of space in a relationship are often disparaged in favor of togetherness and His & Hers…well, everything.  If you are feeling the strain of too much togetherness, … Read more

Why is Therapy Healthy For Us?

Hits : 288,084 As individuals, we all experience different behaviors and reactions that influence the way we feel. Whether we have been through a traumatic event or need help coping with large levels of stress, therapy is a treatment solution that can provide many social, mental, and psychological benefits. But why, exactly? Why do so … Read more

Real Love Is Not Blind

Hits : 288,194 It seems human nature to find fault with those particularly close to us, and  to be easily annoyed with them. After all, living with someone allows us to see their “warts and all”, and it takes a lot of maturity to learn how to see ourselves in terms of the big picture … Read more