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“Every choice we make, and every thought we have, comes from either fear and doubt . . . or trust and love.” (Gary Zukov)

In each moment of choice, we are given the opportunity to define our character …….and how we feel about ourselves. We can habitually come from our old conditioned ways of thinking and stay stuck in our fear . But every time we can go to a deeper, more knowing place within ourselves, muster up the courage to push through our fear and doubt and take that leap of faith to the other side of our anxieties ——- we plant the seeds to grow our self-esteem . This is the illusive thing builds our self-confidence, the thing that draws people towards us, this thing that, choice, by choice, creates a set of stepping stones that can lead us to a place of calm and serenity amidst the crashing waves of this predictably uncertain life of ours.

If we can more often chose trust and love, each choice makes the next one that much easier. We begin to learn that coming from love and trust starts increases our ability to finally trust ourselves and our ability to handle whatever life dishes out for us. We begin to feel stronger in all our broken places . We finally feel like the person of strength and character that we have always wanted to become.

And when we look in the mirror, we really like what we see. And there is nothing more powerful than that!

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