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Common Marital Problems After a Baby

Married couple with a baby

Hits : 289,328 Having a baby is one of the most life-changing experiences for a couple. It comes with so much joy, but can also lead to marital issues due to the pressures that come with having a newborn. Below you will find the most common marital problems after having a baby, and what you … Read more

How Anxiety Can Hurt Relationships

Concept showing a couple that have anxiety which can hurt relationships

Hits : 289,125 Anxiety is a complex monster that rears its ugly head in a myriad of different ways. Physical, mental, and emotional health struggles can be present when dealing with a constantly worrying mind. For a lot of our clients seeking anxiety counseling, they often wonder how anxiety can hurt relationships or possibly even … Read more

What Does Couples Counseling Solve?

Couple holding hands at therapy session.

Hits : 288,716 Roughly 50% percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. While some couples may rightfully need to part ways for their own personal health, many marriages could be salvaged with the help of a licensed therapist. Couples often marry with the hopes of staying married and living happily ever after. … Read more

Is Fighting Normal for a Marriage?

Married couple fighting.

Hits : 289,558 Human relationships are complicated. We each see the world in our own way, and it can be very difficult to learn the empathy required to fully appreciate another person’s experience. Given that fact it’s no wonder that we sometimes fight with the people closest to us. That being said, it’s difficult to … Read more

Keep Your Relationship Strong During COVID

Keep your relationship strong during COVID.

Hits : 288,734 All good relationships take work to thrive, even when you are with your perfect soul mate. It is important to maintain a solid foundation with your loved one throughout all of life’s ups and downs. Knowing how to keep your relationship strong during COVID can prove challenging but worth it. Keep Your … Read more

The Most Common Stressors Hurting Modern Couples

Common stressors hurting modern couples

Hits : 289,280 Relationships have never been easy. Two people with diverse personalities, separate aspirations, and their own plans for the future have to do a lot of work to stay on the same page. Joint decision-making is one way that many couples aim to reduce strain on their relationship, but it doesn’t necessarily solve … Read more