Caree Brown’s Group Therapy and Workshop

Support Groups

I believe that people can inspire each other to go further than many of us can go on our own. My groups bring people together in a way that enhances their capacities to share their struggles, synthesize new insights and create specific action plans that get them what they want.

Many times we feel alone in our pain. But when we experience the “normalcy” of our conflicts, the inherent connection between us fosters a greater sense of “belonging” and supportive resolution.

Some of the groups I will be offering are:

My Mother/Myself

Creating More Love (Couples)

Men-no-pause: Don’t Put the Hex on Sex!

Divorce: Crisis as well as an Opportunity

Many people find it’s helpful to participate in both group therapy and individual psychotherapy. When combined, they can significantly increase your chances of making valuable, long-lasting changes and jump-start your personal growth.


I offer a variety of workshops which offer an easier and more satisfying way of helping you move through your world. Whether the workshop topic concerns your relationship with yourself or your relationship to others, universal principles are defined and used as “touchstones” which organize a kind of paradigm for thinking and behaving. As people seem to benefit most from tangible, everyday solutions, these “touchstones” are translated into a repertoire of skills that are easy to learn and apply. People often say that my workshops have saved them many, many hours of personal therapy and give them a real sense of empowerment and centeredness.

Workshops offered include but are not limited to:

Conscious Uncoupling for Divorcing Men and Women

Communication Couples Group

Aging, Sexuality, and Spirituality

Perfectionism is Far from Perfect

The Wisdom of NOW

Learning How to Let Go

Let Us Sage While We Age

Benefits of Group Therapy and Workshops

Discussing your issues with a group of complete strangers certainly sounds many intimidating to most people at first, but group therapy offers benefits that individual therapy sometimes does not. More often than not, group members are almost always surprised by how rewarding and worthwhile a group experience can be.